German Expressionism 1915 1925 The Second Generation -

german expressionism 1915 1925 the second generation - german expressionism 1915 1925 the second generation los angeles county museum of art on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, modern art history characteristics movements - what were the origins of modern art to understand how modern art began a little historical background is useful the 19th century was a time of significant and rapidly increasing change, deutscher werkbund german work federation architecture - aims like many workshops dedicated to decorative art the werkbund was loosely modelled on the british arts and crafts movement set up by william morris 1834 96 especially the functional aspects that muthesius praised in his book the english house 1904 5 he believed the way forward for german design lay in high quality machine made products that were at once recognizably german and, history of the motion picture the silent years 1910 27 - history of the motion picture the silent years 1910 27 multiple reel films had appeared in the united states as early as 1907 when adolph zukor distributed path s three reel passion play but when vitagraph produced the five reel the life of moses in 1909 the mppc forced it to be released in serial fashion at the rate of one reel a week, english literature terms glossary of literary terminology - english literature glossary of literary terms this is a reprint from the essentials of literature in english post 1914 words in bold within the text indicate terms cross referenced to other articles in the book, jim s reviews fassbinder s berlin alexanderplatz - outline of d blin s berlin alexanderplatz page references are to eugene jolas s circa 1935 english translation of the novel initially published as alexanderplatz berlin the edition used here is from frederick ungar publishing co new york sixth printing 1983