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i m getting error codes p0440 and p0452 on my 99 suburban - locate the charcoal canister behind the left rear wheel remove the largest hose from the canister and attempt to blow air through the vent solenoid use the scan tool to turn the vent solenoid on with the solenoid on no airflow should be allowed through the solenoid if ok go to the purge, p0440 chevrolet evaporative emission system - tech notes the p0440 code means that the control module has detected a leak in the evaporative emission evap loose fuel tank filler cap is the most common cause that triggers the p0440 code, obd ii trouble code p0440 evaporative emission control - p0440 evaporative emission control system malfunction technical description evaporative emission control system malfunction what does that mean this diagnostic trouble code dtc is a generic powertrain code which means that it applies to obd ii equipped vehicles, p0440 and evap vent valve ask the gm technician gm - i have an 02 chevy silverado z71 with 105 000 miles and i keep getting code p0440 before this i got code po446 and that is the tank vent sensor so i cleaned it out and put it back in and the code went away for a month then i get this p0440 code i changed the gas cap and it still comes on it seems like it comes on right when my truck gets around 1 2 of a tank when i fill it up and reset, 1999 chevy suburban p0405 error code 2carpros - 1999 chevy suburban v8 four wheel drive automatic k1500 5 7 l vortec engine engine will start and runs fine when cold after12 miles, p0440 code can this be caused by fuel pump replacement - i have a p0440 code on my 2001 suburban i know this is an evaporative emissions system failure code and likely indicates either a gas cap leak a bad purge valve or a bad vent valve for the evap system but what i am wondering is if a recent replacement of the fuel pump could have caused this, 99 suburban 5 7l p0340 code runs rough car forums and - first time post i have a 1999 suburban 5 7l with 190 000 miles first time it s ever given me a code it started with a p1341 code cam crank co relation and was hesitating missing on slight acceleration, fault code p0440 evap emission control malfunction - re fault code p0440 evap emission control malfunction i had the same problem replaced aftermarket cap with new oem and light went out for a day after the tank got under 3 4 full the light came back on, p0440 p0443 evaporative emissions codes fix - troubleshooting p0440 and p0443 evaporative emissions codes 2003 chevrolet monte carlo here is a link to find your vehicles fluid capacities including car light truck atv utv snowmobile