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relocation of professional sports teams wikipedia - relocation of professional sports teams is a practice which involves a sporting club moving from one metropolitan area to another but occasionally moves between municipalities in the same conurbation are also included in north america a league franchise system is used and as the teams are generally privately owned and operate according to the wishes of their owners the practice is much, professional sports league organization wikipedia - professional sports leagues are organized in numerous ways the two most significant types are one that developed in europe characterised by a tiered structure using promotion and relegation to determine participation in a hierarchy of leagues or divisions and a north american originated model characterized by its use of franchises closed memberships and minor leagues, nhl updates scores standings playoffs canoe canoe - find the latest news on recent happenings in the hockey world get an in depth analysis of your favorite players and read news scores stats analysis, canadian hockey league location maps for whl ohl and - canadian hockey league location maps for whl ohl and qmjhl teams 60 teams and 2011 12 attendance data plus the top 3 highest drawing teams the top 10 highest percent capacities and the shawingan cataractes the 2012 chl memorial cup winners, espn com page 2 choosing my epl team - after the world cup bill simmons decided to pick an english premier league team to root for it was an exhaustive process, the code the unwritten rules of fighting and retaliation - the code the unwritten rules of fighting and retaliation in the nhl by ross bernstein why do hockey players fight so much it is all apart of the hockey code of fighting and retaliation this a book about fighting in hockey and why it happens, philadelphia phillies team history encyclopedia - please note that players may not be in the uniform of the correct team in these images, emerging careers in sports job options how to become - career opportunities in the sports industry aren t limited to those with athletic prowess there is a wide range of positions in the field for non athletes too, nfl gridiron football billsportsmaps com - american football league 1960 afl season map with helmets jerseys final standings offensive stats leaders champions houston oilers chart of average attendance nfl vs afl the 10 years they were in competition 1960 69 including nfl afl super bowl title winners in the 1960s, sam thompson stats baseball reference com - bold season totals indicate player led league italic season totals indicate player led all major leagues